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Hi, the name is Sahat Tambunan, aka kocu. So you want to know about me? OK (^_^) Let’s start with what others say. It iritates me when people get too frank in admiring my good look. Can’t they see that I’m not perfect? Of course, I won’t deny that I have such an attractive look, a well shaped body and a gorgeous smile combined with these beautiful eyes, but don’t just stop there! You need to also see the other side of me.

Despite those good things mentioned above, I have a charming personality, a great ingenuity, kind-hearted with two helpful hands and am a good socializer. If that’s not enough, you should see me in my bad mood. You’ll find out how good I am in controlling my emotion, I don’t fall off my patience and I keep cool even in the worst situation. See? Try to see things from all angles, and believe me, you’ll see it clearer than ever.

About me? I’m just a mere man, far from perfect.

You know I wasn’t serious in describing myself above, don’t you? 😐 Anyway, this page is just a preview of my fun side, click here for my background, or check out my facebook and friendster profile 🙂

Best Regards,
Sahat Tambunan

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