Nov 2005

the Sleepless

i should’ve posted this blog yesterday, at exactly 3.30am. and when i was just about to posted it, the net goes off 😮 sucks!

"virus database has been updated", thanx for the notice from avast!

i must go to work tomorrow morning 😐 yet… i’m still here wasting time on meaningless words on blog this late 🙁 i need sleep… i need rest… i need to recharge my energy… i need to readjust my mind… can anybody help me, please? i want to change my way of life…

I heard people said, "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise"

i can’t close my eyes… and even if i do… it still won’t work. I can’t stand it… it’s like running in circles, walking in squares, crawling in triangle,  laying in a line… it’s just something with no end… no limit… d*mn it! i need a switch to turn this f***ing brain off!

the Sleepless (03.27am)

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