May 2006

the Reunion

2006.05.26 – we met again: mesach, daus, david and me. well, some things doesn’t change (^_^) we were all still as crazy as we used to be :p xmen3@ph was at the top list of the menu. next on the list was a quest to RS Pertamina for Sate, and ended up a failure. hopped […]

Gw K.O kemaren malem, gak tau sakit kenapa, tapi perut gw tiba2 mules + melilit + kadang2 kram/kejang. Sakit banget rasanya. Mana kalo ke WC gw cuma numpang nongkrong doang, ga ada yang mau turun. Ngeselin banget L-) Kaka gw bilang mungkin gw ada salah makan. Gw bilang mana mungkin, karena salah makan itu berarti […]

my life is all about me. my goal is all about me. my mind, my heart, my joy, they are all about me. i don’t know how it started. can’t even remember how it was. my songs, my words, my sights, no doubt they’re all about me. what’ll happen next? what’ll i do then? no […]