May 2006

the Reunion

2006.05.26 – we met again: mesach, daus, david and me. well, some things doesn’t change (^_^) we were all still as crazy as we used to be :p

xmen3@ph was at the top list of the menu. next on the list was a quest to RS Pertamina for Sate, and ended up a failure. hopped to plan b (^_^) we had dinner at McD Sarinah. stopped by for a while @ daus’ dorm, and stayed the night at my house.

Nice Reunion. But kinda had bad effect to my financial health :p
anyway, let’s do that again some other times guys 😉

One thought on “the Reunion

  1. Hey, i haven’t met those guy for a long time, including you,bro. all of you doing okay? send my regards to all:)

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