Aug 2006

me Against them

Ada sebuah pelajaran yang gw dapet dari pertandingan 17an kemaren di kantor. saat itu gw ikut lomba tarik tambang. di final, kami mendapat kehormatan bertanding dengan tim Juara Bertahan yaitu Tim Security (bayangin tuh :p hehe). Disaat-saat yang menentukan, Tim kami sempat tertarik kedepan, dan pegangan gw sempat terlepas (kondisi saat itu kami sudah 2 […]


Aug 2006

2 frogs

the Story of 2 Frogs once upon a time, there were these 2 frogs living as husband n wife. One day, the wife came to her husband and said "Dear Hubby, please answer my question honestly, do you still love me?", the husband then looked at his wife and answered gently, "With all my heart, […]

I watched 2 movies in 2 nights, Silent Hill and Ant Bully. I just wanna share a few thoughts about them (WARNING!! SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT!) Silent Hill: I’m not a good fan of the Game Series, but I did play the original version (ps). The game was fine, they packed it well. Especially the […]

Inspired by Steven Curtis Chapman’s Song (9 August 2006) Waking up early, loving you more Driving down slowly, wanting you more Setting up my desk, a Picture of you Checking on my mails, thinking only you I’ll take care of you, That’s what I’ll do, Take good care of you, I know that I’ll do […]

Dear All, I just want to Announce that My Personal Homepage is Under Re-Development. Please come and have some visit once in a while. I’m planning to have it updated at least weekly. I’ll be very honored If anyone could supply me with critics and ideas for my new Personal Homepage. God bless (^_^)


Aug 2006


today is my birthday. my 25th. Thank You… Jesus, 4 a life Mom, 4 my birth Dad, 4 the guide Bro, 4 our hood Sis, 4 your care Friends, 4 our fun Partners, 4 your share Everyone, 4 Everything and Thank you My Love, 4 Us… don’t feel bad when you miss the opportunity to […]


Aug 2006


I used to enjoy watching "Transformers" when i was a kid. I always tought those robo were cool! especially when they were doing their unique transformation. But I had a different experience with transformation, It’s so uneasy. Some might even think it’s Impossible. But through that experience, I found some things i would like to […]