Aug 2006



I used to enjoy watching "Transformers" when i was a kid. I always tought those robo were cool! especially when they were doing their unique transformation.

But I had a different experience with transformation, It’s so uneasy. Some might even think it’s Impossible. But through that experience, I found some things i would like to share to others. Here are the things:

First, Transforming is all about decision. The minute you decide you want a change, is the same minute you should start saying I’ve changed.

Second, what you need next is Motivation. a Big One. You need to make sure you know WHY do you want to change and WHO will feel the advantages of the change!

Third, Start from NOW! you can’t change tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next whatever. If you want a Transformation, then the change should start NOW!

My life is now about Transforming. Trying to keep my feet outside the comfort zone all the time.

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