I watched 2 movies in 2 nights, Silent Hill and Ant Bully. I just wanna share a few thoughts about them


Silent Hill:

I’m not a good fan of the Game Series, but I did play the original version (ps). The game was fine, they packed it well. Especially the not so tough hero we’re controlling. Yap, the best element of the game for me was the idea of running from enemies rather than killing them. It really fastened my heartbeat every time the monster signal was getting louder. Just as I expected from the genre.

Now, let’s move to the Movie. First of all, you should put away your Japanese/Korean Latest Horror Movie experience you’ve just had recently. This movie is a totally different style. I’ve heard some critics to the movie from both Silent Hill Fans and Non-Fans. As for me, I’ll say If you’ve at least played the game once, this movie will give you a "de javu" (as it did to me). For the Silent Hill ManiaX, you guys will feel like home (",)  And for those who’re still wondering what Silent Hill is, I’m sure this movie will give you a great experience.

Moving forward into the Movie scene, it’ll begin with a child being lured by some sort of ghost/evil to jump down by a cliff. Thanx God her mother got there on time. The child then started murmuring about wanting to go home… to Silent Hill. Not a so cool start, I say.

Movsilhil2The mother is the main character in the Movie, a bit different with the original game (the main character in the game was a man). I read some articles on Internet saying that the male character in the game has too many feminine side that they decide to have a female character. Another issue I heard was there even no male character (the Husband) in the first script. I didn’t know if it’s true though.

About the element of the Movie, The graphic was cool, the Sound Effect, the Music, the Angle, Almost every aspect of the game was cool (I swear it’ll really bring back the experience). I give each of them 7 point out of 10. And the poor side is (actually i didn’t really notice it at the movie), some dialogue is a bit out of place. Why don’t you watch the movie and seek for them 😀 and one more, at the most climax part of the movie, guess what’s the mother and daughter is doing (^_^) what? nope, i won’t tell 😛

And Now! the Ending… All I can say is… DAMN YOU! DAMN YOU! DOUBLE DAMN YOU!! They did REALLY DAMN WELL they Really pissed me off! well, to make it simple, the ending was exactly what you expect from a Horror Mystery Movie. ENJOY! (^_^)

Ant Bully:

Julia Robert and Nicolas Cage?? What a unique combination for a 3D Animation Movie. The story is about learning from ant. It started with… hm… wait a minute, I can’t remember how it started. Of course :p Me and My Girl was enjoying the arcade game a little bit too much we didn’t notice the Movie has already started for 5 minutes :p haha.. what a waste (__) Anyway, the story is about a lonely boy trying to live a life without friends. I would suggest this movie for children, since they’ll learn many things in this movie. Well, it’ll be good for older people, too. Especially those without friends :p There ain’t too much to tell, but some illogic fantasy of the scriptwriter will give you a hard time with your children’s curiosity (^_^) As for an adult like me, I think I’ll prefer to watch the DVD version of this movie. ENJOY! (^_^)

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