Jan 2007

what a life…:

wow… it’s been a very long time since my last post. my life has became a bit tougher these days. but i guess it’s everyone’s problem, isn’t it?

new year come, new year go, 365 days doesn’t even feel like a year. Do you realize your life is being counted down? each minute you waste, is a minute  of your life being taken. but what’s in a life? is it about surviving? or is it more about conquering? how do you live  your life? do you plan your future?

some people have clear targets on their life. some make it more flexible. but some doesn’t even care about it. i don’t know which is most. but i’m in the 2nd group. i have my target, i have my plan, but i keep myself open while running my life on the ‘planned’ rail.

it’s 2007, i’ll be 26 this year. i think i still have more than a half year before i’m officially 26. i have lots of targets to achieve this year. i need those to keep myself fully motivated (^_^) support? of course i need them. that’s what friends and families are for. if you’re a friend of mine, than make sure you’re giving me your support!

Brothers.., Sisters.., the Stars ain’t coming down to us, get a Wagon, start the engine, ride yourself to the stars, the road won’t be easy, but we have one another, you and me, mina san. wait… do i sound like a song? … whoops … look at the time… gotta go home. God bless y’all (^_^)

One thought on “what a life…:

  1. Umm,well, i’m not really sure.
    If i look up at your pic,
    it seems that i had met u b4.
    But,i don’t know,maybe ur face
    similiar with one of my friend
    (that i don’t even know who..)
    Let’s say that we don’t know
    each other..
    But ur blog inspiring me alot.
    Do u ever imagine, sometimes
    we made something that usefull
    to help other people that u
    even don’t know at all??
    Thx for being like that..

  2. Thanx… I used to think my blog is just a tool for me to express what i feel or what i have in mind. I need to keep them in tracks by saving them so I can read them again later.
    I never thought others will read it or even be inspired by it (^_^) Thanx for the comment, it has inspired me as well, God bless…

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