Feb 2007

first kiss (^x^)

my vario had her "first kiss" yesterday, a d*mn car did it by force from her back. I felt like my soul got sucked to a hole, I was so mad. I almost lost myself back then, but thanx God I didn’t (^_^) The car driver was a teenage boy, and he seemed very sorry. […]


Feb 2007


(^_^) cute little puppies! one of our dog is giving birth a few weeks ago, 4 puppies!! this was her first, and it really excited us. We name the most fat and naughty one "Giant" as Giant from Doraemon :p since he’s so fat and he often bite his siblings till they cry. One which […]


Feb 2007

love of my life

it was 18 Dec 2006 06.30am, and I was knocking at her front door. I’ve pretended to forget about her birthday since the day before, and she really looked upset (^_^) I’ve set a little surprise, I brought her a bucket of roses and a gift for her birthday. I could never understand the reason […]