Feb 2007

first kiss (^x^)

my vario had her "first kiss" yesterday, a d*mn car did it by force from her back. I felt like my soul got sucked to a hole, I was so mad. I almost lost myself back then, but thanx God I didn’t (^_^) The car driver was a teenage boy, and he seemed very sorry. Well, accident happens.

I guess it’s my risk, too. By riding a bike, I’ve entered an area with clay mines, and sometimes we might take the wrong step. People make mistakes. And I did crash some bikes when driving, too :p

My Point is, nobody wants to experience accident. It’s way beyond our control. so don’t get to upset about it. it’s a risk of life you’ll have to face sometimes. And it doesn’t happen just because one man mistake, so don’t go blame it on others. God bless..

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