Mar 2007

shortcut in 5

I’ve quoted this sentence at one of my past post,
> "there is no shortcut to be a hokage" – naruto uzumaki
and there’s something i need to share about it.

Imagine yourself as a Rock Maniaxx. You are currently sitting on a VIP seat of a Rock Concert (is there any seat on a rock concert? nevermind…), and you can see all the Player of the Band and how they play their stuffs clearly. the Guitarist start the solo, his fingers dance on the fretboard like storm, and you’re so amazed you wanna be like him.

Another story, try to imagine that you are a martial art lover. One day, You go watch a World Tournament Fighting Championship Final, and you’re so in deep love with the champion’s speed, technic, instinct and power, you wanna be like him so much.

Got my point already? I’ll add one last example, … … … nah… those two above are enough. It’s so nature for us to feel that way, seeing others’ success, watching their excellent performance, Who wouldn’t want to be like them? But can we? can you? can I? or what mostly need to be asked to ourself is, "would I" ?

Yes, It’s nice to have dancer fingers like that Guitarist, or to have a well-trained body like the champion. But don’t forget the most important thing, they didn’t have it instantly. So if you want to have what they have, firstly you must at least do what they have done. The guitaris might have trained his fingers 5 hours a day in 5 years, and the champion might have trained himself just the same. So if you can only train 5 hours a week, and you’re still complaining after only 5 weeks of training, you’ld better keep on dreaming.

As what I’ve quoted in my first paragraph, there is no shortcut my friend. They are what they are because of what they’ve been through, and so is you and me.

Here’s my point:

  1. Dream of what you’ld like to be in the next 5 years,
  2. decide on what skill you want the most,
  3. when you’ve found it, start your training from now (not from later/soon :p),
  4. when you’ve started your training, always keep in mind that discipline is your most important tool,
  5. barriers and obstacles will be moving toward you, so when you hit any, remember that persistence is the last key to your dream

How about it? I suggest you to give it a try.

GIVE ME 5 (^_^)


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