Mar 2007

the spartans

the KingsI watched this movie last week – “300” – It’s about the brave warriors of Spartans against the great force of Persians. From my own point of view, the main idea of the movie is to acknowledge the Spartans. But it’s not the movie I like to share, It’s what I’ve learned from it. The 300 Warriors of Spartans has shown me how to fight in a battle, how to gain victory, how to win a war and how to build a strong team.

Life is a war. Well, at least it is to me. But the war is not only ours, We’ll pass the result of our war to our descendants, and so it will continue. Here are the things I want to share:

  1. Set Our Heart

    Always start from the inner part. Start from our inner self. Each of the 300 Spartans had a very strong commitment. They’ve carved it to their heart. In this life, we need to carved our objectivess to our heart, or we might never achieved it

  2. Good Friends

    What’s closest to us is next in the list. The Spartans protect one another. They fought side by side instead of solo action. They believe their friends, and they answer their friends’ belief. We need friends to live through hard times, and don’t forget they need us, too.

  3. Trained Skill

    Without this, we’ll be nothing but an underdog. Nothing comes instantly. Each of the Spartans has great skill as a warrior. They trained their body as well as their heart. Let’s train ourself well, especially the skill we need the most.

  4. Well Prepared Strategy

    The Spartan knows how to win a battle, they have many strategies and know when to use it. Each battle needs an appropriate strategy. We should learn as much strategy as we can, learn from anyone we can, from their success and even from things they’ve failed.

  5. Great Leadership

    The King of Spartan is one of the best Role Model as a Great Leader. I’ve read this somewhere,

    “The highest compliment a leader can receive is one given by those he lead”

    He fights for those he lead, and they fight for him. He also shown a great sample in dissociating Love and Sympathy. When the “ugly hero” wanted to follow him as a warrior, he didn’t allow his sympathy influence his decision. I saw it as an act of love instead of a denial. The king love and accept him as he is, but he can not accept himself, he deny his own flaws. Leadership is not about genes, it’s not a gift nor bless, it grows through learning and practice.

  6. War vs Battle

    This is one of the greatest part, we are in a war. And we’ll face many battles. We might lose some battles, but don’t give up hope. The Spartan tought us about sacrifice, (spoiler alert!!) they might have lost their last battle, but they win the war. I’ve mentioned it before, the war is not only ours, we’ll pass it to our future generations. I hope it doesn’t have to be this way, but some people needs to lost their last battle to give victory to their children.

Anyway, this is a great movie (despite the horrible bloody war scenes), and I had a really good time. I’m looking forward to anyone sharing more things learned from this movie (^_^) God bless..

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  1. hohoho… ga nyangka mas okta mampir jg :p ditunggu aja nanti hasil renungan dari Mr.Bean ya (gubrak) 😀 hyak hyak

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