Digital Versatile DiscI’ve made S-VCD/VCD several times, but this is my first experience creating a DVD-Video. DVD is commonly known as Digital Video Disc, which has really confused me when saying DVD-Video (Digital Video Disc – Video??? hehe…). But just before writing this post, I’ve googled for a wiki of DVD, and Finally found out that DVD is also an abbreviation for Digital Versatile Disc, where Versatile means having or capable of many uses.

SO! back to the detail of making our own DVD-Video, it was taped using Ri’s Sony MiniDV Camcorder. I captured it to my sis’ notebook using Windows Movie Maker (WMM) Packed with Windows XP SP2. a friend recommend Virtualdub for another Freeware Solution of this step.

The WMM will Produce a WMV file with automatic clip generator. It’s a very good Video Editing Freeware (for genuine Windows user) with Great Feature for Home User. But I soon bumped to another problem, it couldn’t create DVD-Video. I ended up with 2 options:

  1. use WMM to make the movie, render it and use another freeware to create the DVD-Video;
  2. use another software to make the movie, render it, and create the DVD-Video.

Well, my choice goes to the 2nd option. I plan to use Ulead Video Studio to handle the Video Editing, but I couldn’t find the Installer CD, so I used Adobe Premiere Pro instead. I feel very sorry to admit that i used a pirated copy of this software. But the price of the original copy is unreachable. And since I’m limited in time (I must have finished the DVD in 2 days), I didn’t have the chance to browse for a good Video Editing Freeware that support DVD-Video creation. But I have one I might try later.

NEXT! I was ready to create the DVD-Video. Adobe Premiere Pro 2 can Export to DVD in 3 ways, Burned it to a DVD, Create a Folder, or Make an ISO Image. I prefer to make an ISO Image so I can Burned the copy anytime.

DVD DriveLAST STEP!! I burned the ISO Image to DVD using ImgBurn (free). I tried ISO Recorder and CDBurner XP Pro3 (both freewares) before, but it didn’t work out. So I googled out a bit for free DVD ISO burner, found some, decided to use imgBurn, and was satisfied with it. I now have a copy of the DVD-Video, and is creating the other one.

One last thing, before creating a DVD-Video, don’t forget to check your Free Disk Space. I Captured 2 MiniDV Tape, and each of them consume 12GB Disk Space. Not to mention Temporary Space Needed for the rendering process and the Final ISO Files (4GB each).

One thought on “Make our own DVD-Video

  1. because of you… my plan has changed… (^singing^)
    ssshh…. jgn bilang2 kalo gw minjemin software bajakan dong (–.)
    gw kan bukan tipe barbarians 😀 (read my post: barang bajakan)

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