Mr. Bean’s Holiday~ This post is a sequel of a previous one ~

NExT movie is Bean Holiday. Everybody knows Mr.Bean, and everybody knows how funny he is. I guess that’ll be a hard situation for this movie, since everyone goes to watch this movie would have great expectations on it, and so do we. Me and my girl both enjoy Mr.Bean series. So we watched this movie with great expectations. Unfortunately, we’re not as pleased as we expected to be. The movie was funny, entertaining, we laughed in many parts of it, but still something is missing. I’m not quite sure what it is, but I think this bean is not as bean as he used to be. He’s just a funny man, but not bean enough. Well, as I’ve said, It’ll be hard for him to maintain his well-known personallity as bean, or perhaps it’s just me with my great expectations. Anyway, this is a good movie, I’ll give it a 3 point of 5.

AND… to answer my friend’s request on things we could learn from this movie :p Actually, at first I’ve almost given up hope that I could learn anything from a bean :p But as I’ve mentioned, this bean is not bean enough. I could still steal something:

  1. Focus

    Bean kept his focus well. His main destination is a holiday to the beach at cannes, and he finally achieved it. We should keep our focus to one thing at a time, or we might end up having nothing at all.

  2. Responsible

    There’s no way I’ll be able to learn this from the real bean :p But this bean has some of it. When he caused the father missed the train, he tried to accompany and cheer up the kid. He even helped out when a beggar seemed taking advantage of the lonesome kid. Well, big applause to bean :p

  3. ENJOY IT!

    This one could be learned even from the bean series. Something most people often forgot. But it’s the most important meaning of living. We might made mistakes and wrong decisions, it’s a must for us to take the consequences, but it’s a choice how to live through it. Bean has always taught us to Enjoy life. Whatever happen, we don’t need to upset too much about things, just enjoy it, enjoy life, as bean does (^_^)

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