Apr 2007

Sides of a Story

While i was riding my vario this morning,
this thought came crossing my mind.

Tell StoriesSome people could easily believe things being told by others, some listen with doubt, and others doesn’t even care. Which one are you? What will you do when someone tell you new things? Things about themself, or about others, gossips, new technologies, testimonies, even their beliefs. Perhaps… you’re the one telling others your stories (^_^)

Now, let’s move on. Have you ever heard about two side of a story? You have two friends, they both told you things about your new girl/boy-friend, but their stories seem to dispute each other. Which would you believe? or perhaps you prefer your own?

Draw me a square. what do you see? a square of course (don’t bother to read ahead if you see something else :p). Now try to move your self to one of it’s corner, now you’re seeing a diamond, right? Then get a Dice, put in on a table, and walk around it. Did you see the same number? I hope not :p Well, square has 4 sides, and dice has 6. I hope you’re following me. Can anyone tell what the earth looks like? is it a square? or a dice? I still believe the world is as round as a ball. World is a sphere. Tell me how many side a sphere has, please. We’re living in a world with limitless side. So don’t put yourself to any limitation.

There are 3 things I like to share about this:

  1. Sphere your Mind

    Don’t judge easily. Don’t accept or deny others thought instantly. There are many ways to see things, you might just standing in different angle.

  2. Share your View

    I’ve heard people said “Silence is Gold”, but please, don’t keep silence when you see things others dont. Your view might enrich others, as others might enrich you. Share your view.

  3. Stand up and Move

    You know your view, you’ve heard others. Now what? Can you see the whole side of a ball in one angle? Nah! So stand up and move around, you’ll see things clearer than you used to.

Well, I guess it’s just my view (^_^) What’s yours?

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