May 2007

Kronos: Reunion

Kronos in an ancient greek word refers to sequential or linear time. The greeks have two ways in expressing time, Kronos and Kairos. To describe them the easiest way, Kronos would means ordinary time, while Kairos means extraordinary time. In kronos, kairos happens. To describe it a bit deeper, Kronos is adapted to chronology, where time passes by on a measured basis, seconds, minutes, days, weeks and so on. We schedule our lives by it. Kairos, is the time of good things, time when we doesn’t even feel it ticking. So what’s kronos doing in my blog? (^_^)

Kronos: ReunionWell, a few years ago, in my time of college, me and my best friends often gathered up and spend great times together. During that great time (kairos :p), we like to dream on having our own business, and we did start something. So, trying to find a name for our team, the word kronos crossed my mind. I first met the word kairos introduced by a Multimedia Company in Indonesia. I then met it’s mate, kronos, during its introduction. The reason why we choose kronos, well, 1st of all, because the word kairos is already being used by that company (^_^) Since kronos would mean sequential time and measurable, we then use that word to express our perspective, “step-by-step”. We like to build our business step by step rather than instant process. Well, I can’t say we’ve built it successfully, but kronos has became an image of our friendship.

Well this kronos is Faizal, Ganda, Sun Yin, Hengky, Jimmy and of course me. This reunion, it was on Thursday, 17 May 2007. Too bad Faizal couldn’t join us. Me, Ganda and Jimmy chosed to come with our girlfriends, but Hengky and Sun Yin came alone. We met in Mall Taman Anggrek for a lunch at Hartz Chicken, a Buffet Restaurant. But unfortunately, It was closed due to Air Conditioner Repairment. Well, having good understanding on our stomach capability (^_^) we decide to search for the closest same Restaurant, and it happened to be in Pasar Festival, so off we go.

The restaurant was quite crowded, a bit too crowded I think. The chairs between tables was so close it’s so hard to walk through them. But we had great meals. The food was fine as we expected. We stayed there for about 2 hours, having good conversations on each personal life, past things, recent experience and even future plans. Anyway, this kronos reunion was a kairos (^_^)

Kronos: Reunion

Well kronos, I believe we’ll all achieve what we’ve aimed! Good Luck and Keep up the Spirit! God bless

One thought on “Kronos: Reunion

  1. ah…if only i were there…
    anyway, hope there’ll be another reunion at hartz, and i will surely come.

    well, the same as previous comment, it’s a nice logo….

  2. let’s have the next reunion in sizzler/american grill? how’s that? 😀 they have fish steak, too, u know? but i think it’ll be great to plan it 2 months before, biar bisa nabung dulu gitu (^_^) hohoho

  3. iya at
    punya lo bagus
    aaaaarghh… tidaaaaak
    i miss uuuuu

  4. WE R the powerfull member of Kronos…..
    Enga nyaka ya udah lama enga pada ngumpul bareng,walaupun masing enga lengkap,anyway the good is this moment meskipun sangat singkat but we r still united iya enga Bro.
    long live Kronos

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