Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s EndThis 3rd series of Caribbean Pirates was one of our (me n uly) most wanted upcoming movie this year, and knowing that it was already played on the cinema had really liven up our excitement. Well, we didn’t wait for days to rush in.

Jack Sparrow, once again teamed up a great trio with Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann. This time supported by other 2 Pirate Captains, Barbossa and Sao Feng (A really great appeareance by Chow Yun Fat as another asian movie star in Holywood). My impression is, despite of its lack of answers in some parts of this movie (I think some points are meaningless), in overall, this movie has really worth the wait. We experienced quite a great pirate-sphere in about 2 and a half hour duration.

As usual, don’t hope for any detail review of the movie from me, I don’t do that :p Instead, I have things I like to share. Well Actually, I’ve almost given up the sharing, It’s just too Pirate! What would you expect to learn from them? But then again, I guess pirates are flesh anyway. Here are some some things I could end up with:

  1. Love n Friendship

    There’s always a place for love and friendship in one’s heart. Doesn’t matter how evil a man could be, how sadist a villain could have become, how hard oneself would try to deny it, it’s there.

  2. Friends are Friends

    Well, we’re not a friend other could always rely on, sometimes our ego swim up to surface, sometimes we might even betray our friends to save our own life. We might make bad decisions in worst conditions, but friends are friends. Don’t remove any name from your friend list easily, give them a chance, their next act might suprise you (in a good way I hope).

  3. Number does Matter

    I can’t disagree that quality is much more important than quantity. But that never mean we should forget about quantity. Quality is 1st priority and quantity comes next. Just because you’re so good in something, it doesn’t mean you should do it alone. Gather up, team up and gain more.

  4. All is Fair in Love n War

    Ever heard of it before? Despite of all the good sides I’ve mentioned, let’s not put our awareness down. This is a hard world afterall, we shouldn’t be so naive. There are people who wouldn’t need to think twice to kick your back, just beware (^_^)

Gah! I guess that’s just it. I’m sure I didn’t spoil anything, did I? Enjoy the movie!

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