Well, did anyone notice some changes in my blog? I’ve added some ads to it. They’re google’s. So, what about these ads? I just wannna share my blogwalking experience a few days ago. It seems to me that many bloggers all around the world is monetizing their blog. Some even make it as their professions. For them, blogging has become more than just… blogging :p I also found that some people has succeed.

Blogger AdsenseMy personal perspective, Everyone has the rights to do whatever they like, and some people are so lucky they can earn money at the same time. I believe this goes for blogging as well. But sometimes…, no, perhaps many times, people like to hear other’s success story, and just starting to walk the same path. They aim to earn what they’ve heard. Is this wrong? I think it’s natural, as long you keep it that way. But most people often forget the most important things, the Fun! They failed to notice one of the success key, one of the main factor of success, is to enjoy what they do. Don’t concentrate on making money and miss all the fun.

As for me right now, this ads I’ve added to my blog are just for personal fun. I’m not too interested in making money from it, though I won’t say no if I finally do :p

Other might have found their way to the top and succeed. It’s a good thing to learn from their story, but it’s not always a good decision to walk their path. Learn from others, and Walk our own path of success! (by sahat nih, hehe)

One thought on “for Blog or Money?

  1. okta… mohon maaf comment dari caribbeannya ku transfer ke sini aja ya..

    masih kebanyakan ya iklannya? padahal udah sedikit mungkin lho :p dan juga bukan di tempat2 yg terlalu menonjol ku taronya (^_^) mungkin karena kaget aja kali krn tiba2 ada iklan nongol di bbrp tempat :p sebenernya gara2 kemaren keasikan ngoprek2 n nyelip2in sesuatu di template. heehe

  2. hehehe…
    kalo sekarang masih oke lah..
    btw bagaimana cara perhitungan “uang”-nya
    berdasarkan klik link nya yach?
    pay per click?

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