Or is it just me??

My life is currently in the hand of my baby, a Tecra S2 Toshiba. It responsibles for my daily work. I’ve had it for more than 2 years. It has had problem with heat since the early used. The left part of the notebook is too hot. The heat could damage papers and even books. But since I can still use it normally, I never really pay good attention to it.

Play 3D GameAnyway, the problem seems to get worst nowadays. When I played 3D game for some times, it’ll get overheat and whola, the blue screen shows up, and it’ll restart the system. Very annoying. But that’s just the beginning. Today, the LCD suddenly go black! And I wasn’t playing any 3D game, I was just working with my web development environment. I wait for a while, but the LCD showed no sign of life at all. So I turned it off, pulled out the AC Power, put it back in, and switched on the power. Hm… no luck, the LCD stayed black. It really freaked me out, I’ld be dead if it went broke.

Notebook Cooling Pad - 3I tried to stay calm and kept it off for about 15 minutes. I really hoped the problem was with the overheat. Guess what? I turned it on, and THANX GOD, the LCD was as fine as usual!! But I know the problem wasn’t solved, yet. It could still get overheat anytime and might even result a worst situation. So I googled for some suggestions, and ended up convincing myself that a cooling pad is just what I need. Looks like Toshiba has some cooling method design problem. So I did, I bought a notebook cooling pad, it’s made of steel, has 3 fan, a power switch (for the fan) and USB cable as its power supply. I didn’t notice the USB cable is too short to reach my USB port, so I used a USB extension cable.

Notebook Cooling Pad - 1Well, I run some benchmark and diagnose tools to check the before and after temperature. The result was quite reliefing, I can reduce 5-10 degree celsius on normal use for both HD and CPU temperature. I’ll share the technical review on a later post (does this sound familiar? :p)

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