The idea came from chenz a few months ago. We and our Adira Friends liked to gather up and play Pro Evolution Soccer 6 using my Tecra. The problem is, it has many services running for development environment (DE), which I’ll need to shutdown one by one manually just before we begin the tournament. He suggest me to create some kind of shortcut to turn off all the unnecessary services for gaming environment (GE). But I didn’t apply it untill a few days ago.

I didn’t need to wait too long to come up with another good reason “why I need it”. I used to have all the services for DE running automatically with windows startup. This, of course will slow down the startup process of my windows. What if I’m starting it up for GE? well, I need to wait untill the DE loaded, then do the manual ritual. That’s Number One. Sometimes, I also like to go back to DE after having some fun with GE, and that, would need a reverse action of the manual ritual. Number Two. Then, I realize I need other environments I like to have a shortcuts to. Well, I count that one as Number Three, etc.

SO! What I did was:

  1. I set all the services for DE to run manually (so it will not be loaded with the windows startup). Not only that, I also reduced as much auto loaded programs with windows startup as I could.
  2. I try to think of all the environments I would like to have.
  3. I plan which services that it needs and which it doesn’t, what applications to run and what to kill, also the config option I would like to use.
  4. Finally, I started creating my Batch Files for each Environment

The result, I currently have 5 Environment Profile, Online (this will run my messengers and tools), Offline (this will do the reverse – killing applications run by Online Profile), WorkTime (load the DE of course), WorkTime to Personal (this will change my DE working configuration to DE personal configuration) and of course the most importan one, Funtime, which will allow me to exploit all my resources for Gaming!

Well, this might not be the best solution, but at least it fit my needs. I will share the technical things later (^_^)

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