Jun 2007

Photo Blog

a picture is worth a thousand words

Yes, I’m fully agree to this proverb. And that’s why, starting from now on, I’ll use this blog for my photo blog as well. No, I’m not a photographer, and I’m not planning to be one, either. I don’t even have any digicam (yet). All I have is an old nokia mobile phone with a standard camera (I think it’s still VGA).

I’ve had this thought for some times, but I haven’t got the chance to try it out. It’s hard to decide how would I organize the photos. I was uncertain whether I should put it in a free public photo web as flickr, have my own gallery (like this), make a new photo blog, or just use this one. Well, I’ve finally made up my mind (as you can see), but I soon stumbled in new question. I need plugins to support this. Finding the one suit my needs wasn’t easy, I need to search for some recommended plugins, explore them, see the live demo and finally try them on my local server. There are lots of good plugins with great features! But sometimes, we just don’t need that great features. So, I finally decide the plugins to extend my blog to a photo blog, Lightbox and ImageManager.

Lightbox will serve as the front end image loader, it has great javascript to load your image in layers. ImageManager will serve as the back end image organizer. I can only show you the live demo for lightbox, please click my name: Sahat-Tambunan to see how it works.

One thought on “Photo Blog

  1. Masih sering error tuh javascript fotonya. Di debug kek :p
    Trus yang error feed nya juga masih. Ternyata ada masalah antara Google Reader sama Feedburner. Padahal Feedburner baru aja dibeli Google. Aneh.

  2. walah… dasar programmer (^^) mohon maaf mas, kali ini saya hanya user, jadi ga pake debug2an, hehe, tapi kalo lu mau bantuin debugin boleh juga tuh 😀

    soal google reader ama feedburner… gw nyerah deh. Mau bagaimana lagi coba 🙁 Mudah2an aja mereka cepet kompak

  3. si chen kurang kerjaan sampe liat gituan segala.
    biar dia aja yang urusin. kalo dah beres bari kita pake hasilnya

  4. i love photo blogs, there is a saying that a picture speaks a thousand words and this saying is also true for blogs that mostly displays photos.

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