We (me n uly) have just completed the 1st season of Heroes last sunday. I really recommend this series. But I need to warn you, be very careful, it’s addictive you might not survive (^_^) We’re dying for the next season. Four thumbs up to Tim Kring and his team.

Heroes - The SeriesWatching this series has given me a strange thought that the World needs heroes. And I’m sure it really does. Can anyone explain why heroic stories has always been a great topic to be brought up? Children like watching it on cartoon TV shows, teenagers are crazy about the comics, and adults are queuing in front of the movie ticket windows. Everyone love heroic themes, and I say, It’s because they need heroes, we need heroes, the world needs heroes. But that’s not all, there’s one other thought which is beyond it: We want to be heroes. Perhaps not everyone realize this, but there’s an urge inside everyone to become a hero.

So what makes a hero? Tell me something, which hero do you want to become the most? Superman? Spiderman? one of the X-men? or one of the Japanese manga/anime heroes? Why? Do you like their super power? Do you think it’s cool? To have the amazing abilities and help others in need. I’m sure it’ll be cool. But back to my 1st question, does it make you a hero? What make you so sure you’ll never misuse your power for your own benefit? To earn money and fame, hurt people you dislike or fulfill many things you’ve desired all this time. Perhaps, when you received the extra ordinary abilities, you’ll turn to someone else, to a personality you’ve kept hidden inside you, become a villain instead of hero. Here’s a great quote from one of the episode:

I understand, Father. To save what is most important, I must be strong enough, to cut out my heart — Hiro (to Kaito)

Being a hero is not about having the right power, but about having the right heart. You can have the power strong enough to destroy a city, but if you don’t have a power strong enough to cut out your heart, to put others above you, killing your own desire, it’s just a matter of time until you turn yourself into a super villain.

So what makes a hero?

  1. The Heart

    The one most important thing to become a hero is not the power, but the heart.

  2. The Chance

    Once we’ve set our heart, all we need is the chance, not the power. I believe we’ve met many chances all this time, but we might missed them because we didn’t have the heart to make a hero’s choice. And we might also missed them because we didn’t even notice the chance. Let’s pay more attention to our surroundings, and this time, when the chance come, we should make the right choice.

  3. The Power

    I mean it, I might have said that there are other things more important than this, but we still need it! We might have the heart, good! and notice the chance, nice! But without the power, we’ll just humiliating ourself, or even worse, endanger our life and others. Let me give an example, you saw your neighbor house being robbed by 5 masked men, and you, with zero fighting skill, run inside the house and try to put down the robbers yourself. What do you think might happen?

I share some of my experiences in next post 😀

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