For me, being a hero doesn’t mean you need to save thousand of lives. Being a hero is about having people smile at you because what you’ve helped them with. It’s about how good your heart felt when you see their graceful faces. I have some experiences I still remember, I would like to share two of them:

THE FIRST ONE happened a few years ago, I went to a shopping center and their escalator was being repaired, so we need to take the stairs. While at it, I saw two women walking down and heavily carry a trolley. In front of me was 2 male staffs of the shopping center. They walked fast beside them and said – “ko maksa banget sih mbak?” — The meaning is, the staffs were saying (kinda blaming) that they shouldn’t carry it through the stairs. They then just walk by and ignore those women, really annoyed me. I know this is a chance and I believe I’m stronger then those women. So I rushed myself and gave them a hand. Well…, both hands actually 😛 They were kinda surprised and thanked me after we reached the lower level. I didn’t even remember their face, but I still remember how good it felt in my heart.

THE 2ND HAPPENED just a few months ago, still in a shopping center (different place). I was on an escalator with my girlfriend and just reached the lower level. Suddenly, I heard a woman scream a bit pent-up behind us. We look back and saw a trolley slided down (the escalator was actually an inclined moving walkway). That’s what I call a chance, and I need to make a decision (in split seconds) whether to grab it or not. I push my girl gently a bit further, and wait for the sliding trolley. I wasn’t sure if I would be okay, but I believed I had at least the power to hold the trolley from jumping out the escalator. I did stop the trolley, and thanx God I didn’t hurt myself. The woman walk a bit rush to the trolley and thanked me. Again, I didn’t really remember how she looked like, but I still can’t forget how good my heart felt that time 🙂

One thought on “What Makes a Hero: Experiences

  1. Yap, a hero doesn’t have to wear silly red sheet like clark kent 😛
    Do something little could mean a lot to others, u do good job man !

  2. Are you talking about a hero or a super hero? Is is the same thing? Why people need a (super) hero? I think it will share a similar answer with why people need a god. Because people are so powerless, they need something bigger outside of them, they need something more powerful to help when they can’t help them self.

    I’m not saying that human (mind) create god just like they create a (super) hero. Thats a different subject.

    People always admire something that more than them, and they want to be one. People want to be god, so they want to be superman, or a rock star, or a president.

    I want to be Neo 😀

    ps. From Tom Hanks movie: “Every man is a hero for his child.”

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