Jun 2007

Arrive 1st

4 Photos STORY: I arrived 1st in the meeting place, about half an hour before the scheduled time. Well, what else do you expect me to do? (^_^) This is my 1st photo blogging. I’ll add photos as an album for each post. The album name will be the same as the post title. I’ll […]


Jun 2007

Photo Blog

a picture is worth a thousand words Yes, I’m fully agree to this proverb. And that’s why, starting from now on, I’ll use this blog for my photo blog as well. No, I’m not a photographer, and I’m not planning to be one, either. I don’t even have any digicam (yet). All I have is […]

Ok, menyambung post gw dulu mengenai Environment Profile, sekarang gw share sedikit techie-nya. Buat yang udah kenal komputer dari jaman dos sih pasti ga asing sama batch file (dikenal dengan ekstensi bat), karena sering digunakan pada jaman itu. Tapi, ternyata batch masih tetap bisa bermanfaat sampai era windows sekarang, paling tidak buat gw (^_^) Nah, […]

Ini tool yang baru gw temuin kemaren. Membantu banget untuk development environment gw. Semenjak gw pake WAMP, gw jadi kehilangan fungsi SMTP yang biasanya ditangani juga ama IIS. Awal-awalnya sih no problemo, tapi saat mulai butuh fasilitas kirim email di PHP, gw mulai meratap. Gw coba dulu pake SMTP dari domain gw (sahat-tambunan.com), tapi entah […]

Sudah hampir 5 bulan gw mengendarai motor sambil membawa laptop. Memang bukan pilihan yang terbaik, tapi terkadang kita tidak bisa mengambil pilihan yang lebih baik. Dalam beberap bulan itu, banyak hal yang sudah gw pelajari, baik dari pengalaman gw sendiri, maupun dari sharing pengalaman temen atau siapapun yang gw dapetin. Kemarin malam, saat sedang di […]

The idea came from chenz a few months ago. We and our Adira Friends liked to gather up and play Pro Evolution Soccer 6 using my Tecra. The problem is, it has many services running for development environment (DE), which I’ll need to shutdown one by one manually just before we begin the tournament. He […]

Or is it just me?? My life is currently in the hand of my baby, a Tecra S2 Toshiba. It responsibles for my daily work. I’ve had it for more than 2 years. It has had problem with heat since the early used. The left part of the notebook is too hot. The heat could […]

Well, did anyone notice some changes in my blog? I’ve added some ads to it. They’re google’s. So, what about these ads? I just wannna share my blogwalking experience a few days ago. It seems to me that many bloggers all around the world is monetizing their blog. Some even make it as their professions. […]