Jul 2007

Wealth vs Heart

Here are 3 Simple questions for a start 🙂

  1. “How much do you make a month?” No, please don’t answer it out loud. Let’s just try to have the number in our head.
  2. Next question is, “who do you love the most? Are you sure?” Well, Let’s keep the answer for now.
  3. My last question, “how do you spend what you’re making in the 1st question?”

Give MoneyI personally believe that wealth and heart always stay in the same place. So I’m sure you’ve understand the point of my questions. If your answer to question number two is not related to the answer of question number three, well, there must be something wrong with your answer 🙂

Always speak with data, that’s what my previous boss always told me 😛 I would like to make us realize, what really is the most important thing in our life, and learn how to value it. So tell me again, “who do you love the most?” 🙂 If my boss ask me this question, I believe the next thing he want is for me to show the data that help me conclude my answer. That’s where question number three came.

So how do you spend it? If you’re not good with playing number in your head, get a piece of paper and list it up. Here are some helping questions:

  • Do you save it at the bank? Who do you plan to use it for?
  • Do you shop? Who most of your shopping is for?
  • Do you share it with others? Who?
  • Do you like giving? charity?
  • Do you like spending it for self treatment? Fitness, Beauty Consultant, etc.
  • Think of how you spend your money and who do you spend it for, and add them to the list

Well, I believe we’ve came up with a list. Let’s rate it now, just think in percentage (or you can use real number if you have it). Imagine your monthly making is 100%, how much do you usually spend for each of the item in the list? You should find the biggest number as your answer. Whoops, what’s wrong? Do you spend it most to who you proclaimed as your most loved one? Or did you came up with another name?

I think most people will end up with 2 names, me and myself. Hehe 😛 just kidding there. But I think, it’s quite normal to have our own name in the top of the list. Basically, we can’t love others if we can’t love ourself (this is a personal belief, too 😀 ). And it’s so human to love ourself the most. But! Some might end up with another people’s name, or even better, it’s the name who they proclaimed as their most loved one. Congratulation! That means you know how to value what you love. Like I said, this post is a reminder for all of us to value it better. Did you answer my 2nd question seriously? If you did, let’s work out question number three starting from today and make them realize how much we really love them.

For where your wealth is,
there will your heart be

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