Today is thursday! I should’ve bought new mangas yesterday. Elex released their new mangas every wednesday, and I usually visit archiveda (my favorite bookstore) every wednesday night. But I didn’t go there yesterday, I had other things to do. Well I did today, and I bought 4 new mangas. And one of them is Indonesian Manga. Here are some shot of the Indonesian manga I found on their website.

Bounty Hunter Zero - Sample 1

I’m not really sure that the term Indonesian Manga is correct, but let’s just use it for now. Anyway, while I was standing in front of the new released shelf, having my eyes around the books, I recognized 3 of my collections. I picked them up without hesitation. Next, I had my 2nd look at the same shelf (I could repeat this 3 to 10 times just to satisfy my self 😛 ). This time, my eyes stopped at a new Indonesian manga, Bounty Hunter Zero. I picked it up and read the preview at the back of the book. Hm…, it doesn’t explain much. I tried to seek the number ‘1’ to know if it’s a one shot or not. Didn’t find it anywhere, though. Well, I think the cover looks good, and I like the cute characters in it. Then I put it back on the shelf. I walked around the store for a while, and went to the cashier. It’s a good thing they put it beside the new released shelf. I had my 2nd thought, took a glance look at the new Indonesian manga, and finally picked and handed it to the cashier.

Bounty Hunter Zero - Sample 2

I’ve bought some other Indonesian mangas before, but most are from komikers. Well, this one was done by other team, they name them self Diamante Studio. I’m not sure what it means, and honestly, I never heard of them before.

Anyway, back to the New Indonesian Manga, Bounty Hunter Zero, I read it as I got home. I examine the cover image again, and I found that I don’t really like the title font and the pink chessboard background. Bounty Hunter Zero Cover Well, I open the plactic cover and begin to read it. My first Impression on the first few pages is, hm… the drawing is not as good as the pro (yet), but it’s nice, I like the style. After a few more pages, I found the story is also not as powerful as the pro (yet), but I like it, too. I stopped in the middle of it for something and read it back till finish. My overall impression, I enjoy both the story and the drawing. But I do believe they will develop more skills and produce even better. I’ll be waiting for their next release. One more thing, after I visited their homepage, I found them saying that Bounty Hunter Zero should have 7 volumes. Well, when I check the cover again, I found their cute mascot holding a clock showing hour 1. I wonder if this means number 1. I suggest to at least print this number at the side view.

Keep up the great works, guys! And made us more mangas (^_^) Btw, I hope you guys didn’t mind about me using your images here.

One thought on “New Indonesian Manga: Bounty Hunter Zero

  1. Thanks for buying our comic!…. Feel free to use our images in your blog!^^ Kudos for finding our secret in 1 o’clock!!!

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu^^

  2. wah… seneng banget udah berkunjung ke sini. Kalo nama Dante rasa2nya sih gw pernah denger. d mana ya 😕 Tenang aja, gw pasti beli terus sampe selesai 🙂

    Mudah2an ga tersinggung ya tentang yang gw bilang belum sebagus yg pro. Maksud gw sih kualitasnya masih belum bisa menyaingi komik2 jepang karya sensei2 mangaka di sana, tp gw percaya kalian pasti masih terus berkembang dan semakin mengarah ke pro 🙂

    Yoroshiku!! 😀

  3. ham, its a categorizing the comic, i think comic is comic, no matter what the style is…. im planning to be a manga author when i was in highschool, but i have to continue my father business so…why the hell im talking about in other people’s blog? its a good post anyway 😀

  4. @humanoidtyphoon: me, too! I even participated in a comic event with my buddies at high school. well, those were the days… (^_^)

  5. Wah bagus banget nih untuk para pecinta komik thanks.
    yang mau tukeran links sama aku kunjungi webku ya dan isi sendiri web kamu di webku

  6. Aku juga suka manga, ngengambarnya apa lagi. Aku mau liat gimana karya komikus-komikus Indonesia ni… Tapi anjrit, sulit banget nyari yang kayak gitu di Kalimantan. Oh nasib…

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