I’ve just updated my template with some minor changes. here they are:

  1. notice my new header?

  2. fix some of the template bug.

  3. update content background to white round corner box with drow shadow effect (fix a template bug)

  4. move pages link from sidebar to header

  5. move search box from sidebar to header

  6. add function to show/hide search button automatically

  7. add function to set/reset search text automatically

  8. add shoutbox to sidebar

  9. reorder the sidebar items

  10. add hide/show function for some items in sidebar

  11. add frog (kocu) image at the bottom of post view

  12. tambahin link ke main domain sahat-tambunan.com di header, sebelum pages link

  13. hm… udah, kayanya sih itu aja

13 kan? rada maksa dikit gapapalah 😛

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