Jul 2007

Good Friends

I was inspired by a posting at Ms. Jennie’s blog. She shares 2 nice quotes about friendship. It remind me to an old post at my blog. After reading her post, some words then come playing around in my head, words about friendship, words that I finally share through a comment. Here they are:

you don’t need a good friend to become one

What I mean here, we often search for good friends to trust, good friends we could rely on, good friends we would like to share our stories with, but we shouldn’t forget to see deep inside ourself first, how good have we treated our friends? How many people consider us as their good friends? Good friends come from inside ourself. We don’t need to search for them. They’re already here around us. Let’s not wait for good friends to come, we’ll find them when we become one.

Your best friend might be the perfect person to bring you down, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any.

Best Friend

I know this sound strange, but this world is not always as kind as we expected. What could hurt us more than being betrayed by the person we trust the most? This happens. I know it had, and I know it will. So what? Are we going to build those walls around us? Keeping some distance? Suspecting our friends? Bah! Not my kinda thing. I said, do as you wish friends! I’ll trust you no matter what, I’ll treat you good no matter what, I’ll be a good friend no matter what. You might hurt me once, or maybe twice, I still have other friends who treat me good and fellas to keep me safe. Once you realize what you’ve done wrong, come back and we’ll be good friend again. People makes mistakes, they might treat us wrong sometimes, but instead of focusing at the black spot, let’s take a few steps back and see the big white spaces all around it. I know this doesn’t always work as easy as it sounds. Some mistakes might be too hard too let loose. But as the classic quote says, where there is a will, there is a way 🙂

One thought on “Good Friends

  1. I really love this posting of yours, Sahat. Thank you for being such a good friend to your friends. I hope I’m one of your friends.

    It really reminds me to be a good friend to everyone.

  2. Hmm, saya mau tanya.. bisakah hubungan good friend berhasil jika hanya dari satu sisi saja ? Misal, saya anggap Sahat teman baik saya, tapi bagi Sahat tidak demikian.
    It really happens in daily life lho..

    *ini jadi kayak 1/2 curhat hehe*

  3. @Jennie
    Thank you Ms Jennie, I’m glad you like it. I really appreciate your visit and comment. I’ve learned much from your blog. To me, you’re more than just a friend, you’re a good friend I could look up to 🙂


    Hmm… gw rasa memang tidak mungkin hubungan berhasil secara sepihak, tapi, yang mau gw share itu lebih penting menjadi teman yang baik, bukan mencari teman yg baik (^_^)
    Seandainya gw merasa JiE adalah teman baik gw, gw tetap gak akan keberatan seandainya JiE ternyata tidak menganggap gw teman baik, karena mungkin memang masih ada teman yg lebih baik buat JiE dari gw, bahkan itu bisa jadi dorongan supaya gw lebih baik lagi ke JiE. Kembali ke Intinya, jangan sampai lupa untuk menjadi seorang teman yang baik 🙂 bingung gak 😛 hehe

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