Aug 2007

Power of Eyes

Have you ever been in a condition when you’re in the middle of something somewhere, an undescribeable instinct tells you that someone is watching you. Well, of course they’re not always real, but I’m sure there are times when it is. Times when you accidentally have eye contact to that someone. This is what I […]

“Gak mau. Pokoknya aku gak mau! Kamu aja sana!”, seorang anak duduk di trotoar dengan muka merengut. Dia menolak ajakan teman yang berdiri di depannya. “Goblok! Sampai kapan sih lu mau sok hebat? Seminggu ini lu cuma makan sekali sehari kan? Terserah lu lah!”, sang teman berjalan menjauh menuju keramaian pasar di seberang mereka. Krucuk… […]


Aug 2007

1 vs 364

Today is my 1 of 365. The day most people would wish to pass in a very special way. Me? Why should I be different? Beside, this 1 should be my last chance to celebrate it as a single man. The 1st present I received was an earthquake exactly a few minutes passed 00:00 am. […]


Aug 2007

Merah Putih

August is the perfect month to talk about nationality in Indonesia. Merah Putih is the color of Indonesian Flag. Merah (red) means dare or brave and Putih (white) is the symbol of righteousness, also means pure or sincere. The combination would mean dare to do the right things or Brave when being right. But too […]


Aug 2007


6 Photos STORY: What’s wrong with being narcist once in a while? I was waiting for ri chan in the new house and didn’t know what else to do. So I looked at Ri’s Mobile Phone on my hand, and before I realized, I’ve already started taking shots (^_^) You can’t say love to others […]