Aug 2007

Merah Putih

Indonesian FlagAugust is the perfect month to talk about nationality in Indonesia. Merah Putih is the color of Indonesian Flag. Merah (red) means dare or brave and Putih (white) is the symbol of righteousness, also means pure or sincere. The combination would mean dare to do the right things or Brave when being right. But too bad, I think we didn’t manage the flag well, the white has turned a bit yellow, with dirts all around. We keep the bravery, but not the righteousness. I’ve been wondering all this time, what would our country be in the next 5 to 10 years? Better? or Worst? Well, I surely hope we can rebuild a better Indonesia for the sake of our children. I know it needs more than 1 generation of evolving, but what’s more important is to Start!

Start from the small things, Start from ourself, Start from now (I think I learn this from AA Gym)

So how do we start? Yes, It’s very important to start from ourself, but what’s more important is to start from inside of our Government. To be honest, I think this is almost impossible. The system has rotten to the core, and most of the people is not in a better condition than the system. But, impossible is not in my dictionary. There’s always a way. All we need is the will.

I say, we should start from 2 groups:

  1. The Police (Cops)

    Who could enjoy dealing with the Police in Indonesia? Even when we’re a victim of a crime, dealing with the police could never bring us a safe and secure feeling. This is bad. Honestly, this is very bad. Indonesia needs to rebuild the image of our cops. This is a very hard task, but is a mandatory requirement to rebuild this country. Then again, we shouldn’t see it from one side only. Let’s also see from the cops perspective. Especially, those with lower ranks. They’re in a situation where they can’t live a good standard of living without any additional income. So we need to do something about this as well. And one thing which is not less important, building self confidence and pride of being a Police. Summarizing things, I come up with this list on my head:

    • Raise Police Salary (esp the low ranks)
    • Personal Development Training (to build the confidence and pride)
    • Change the Uniform (to rebuild the image. Personally I think it’s better to have a blue one, blue give friendly impression)
    • Reward with Category (to motivate them)
    • Punishment (those who breaks the rule without proper consideration should be punished. Sometimes cops goes through red light, ride a bike without helmet, etc. This is wrong, they should be a role model for the people, so they may only break the rules with proper consideration which will be question later for judgment. Also punishment for receiving bribes)

    I know this will cost something, but the price is worth paying. The longer we wait, the worst it would be. And of course will cost even more if we decide to do this later, just after things get worst.

  2. The Government Officials

    My father was a government officer. And I have relatives and friends who is currently a government officer. I’m not saying that they’re bad people, but as I said, the system has rotten to the core. And if we play good guy, we’ll be wiped out of the system. So how could we fix this? The hardest part would be decreasing corruption. I said, close the old books. We all know how corrupt our government was, and IS. But there’s no point in bringing those people down, it’s like bringing the whole government down. What’s most important is finding a method to fix the system. This is some things I could think of:

    • Discipline Check (esp in work time)
    • Use Well Known International Class Auditor (let the pro do their work. Their professionalism is at stake. I believe this is a much better solution rather than building our own department to do the auditing, when it actually owned by the same system)
    • Personal Development Training (again, to build confidence and pride)
    • Reward and Punishment

When we’ve started working with the inner Indonesia (the government), it’s time to go out and influence the people. Cops doing their job with the traffic and securing things, government officials give great services to the people, my… It’s like a dream come true. Cut the daydreaming! Back to influencing, I think it’s most important to start from the traffic. I know I don’t have a supporting research report, but I personally think that 80% of us (esp who live in Jakarta) spend 20% of our time on the road (I love this 80/20 stuff 😛 ). What would happen if we’re used to break the rule in 20% of our time? Don’t forget that 30% is already booked for sleeping, which means only 50% left.

What’s the best way to do it? Remember how the cops made us use the safety belt in Jakarta? It works. Now most of the people in Jakarta always use the seatbelt. We only need to the same method for all rules one by one. Make a list of 12 top priority rules, and set it for 1 year target (1 rule per month). So each month will promote 1 rule which will be watched most by the cops. Of course the next month would mean adding 1 more rule instead of replacing the previous one. And so will the next month, until all the top 12 rules are well implemented. For example, the 1st month will promote to obey the traffic light. Then the next month promote the white lines. 3rd month promote the stopping rules and so on. In half a year I believe we could already see the difference. But of course this require the cops to rebuild their image first.

Indonesia… Tanah air ku…

One thought on “Merah Putih

  1. sekarang ini banyak kejadian “Yang Berani (the Red) menindas yang Suci (the White)” seharusnya seperti yang dikatakan kocu “The combination would mean dare to do the right things or Brave when being right.” Mungkin hal lain yang perlu dibenahi adalah HUKUM, karena sekarang ini hukum kalah dengan oknum yang pake duit.

  2. @Jennie: Thanx Ms Jennie, I really hope Indonesia could become a much better country for almost everyone

  3. Ini posting yang berat. Sementara gue komen di satu poin aja.
    Poin yang ini “Use Well Known International Class Auditor”, kayanya aku kurang sreg. International class auditor itu berarti auditor asing? Atau auditor lokal yang profesional?

    Kalau auditornya lokal berarti sama saja dengan BPK, Panwas Pemilu, Kantor Pajak, atau KPK. Mau profesional atau bukan.

    Kalau auditornya asing, sama aja dengan IMF, Bank Dunia, Exon, Freeport, atau Temasek! Sudah cukup bangsa ini dijajah dengan berbagai macam cara. Audit itu poin strategis, keterlibatan pihak asing menurutku tidak perlu. Masih ingat hasil audit senjata di Irak menyatakan bahwa Irak memiliki senjata pemusnah massal (yang mana senjatanya langsung ilang ketika perang beneran).

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