Aug 2007

1 vs 364

Today is my 1 of 365. The day most people would wish to pass in a very special way. Me? Why should I be different? Beside, this 1 should be my last chance to celebrate it as a single man.

iPod kocuThe 1st present I received was an earthquake exactly a few minutes passed 00:00 am. It alerted everyone to jump out of the house and congrats me 😛 hehe — NOPE! Wait a minute, that’s not the 1st. My lovely ri chan gave me the 1st present yesterday. A lovely 30gigs black iPod with a blue rubber sheath. Thank you ri chan!!! Anyway, I don’t receive much congrats though. Well, a bit less than expected. I guess It’s because I didn’t have frequent meeting with most of my friends lately. That’s alright for me. I know they don’t forget it on purpose 😀

So, why should I bother the 1 day when I still have 364 days to enjoy with my friends 🙂

One thought on “1 vs 364

  1. Sebetulnya setiap ada temen deket atau sodara ulang tahun aku bingung. Aku sendiri nggak suka merayakan ulang tahun. Buat aku pribadi, ulang tahun adalah momen menyedihkan yang menandai makin habisnya waktu kita di dunia (sementara apa yang sudah kita perbuat).
    Jadinya serba salah, mau ngasih selamat nggak sreg sama prinsip pribadi. Nggak ngasih selamat dibilang nggak inget temen.
    Jalan tengahnya, ikut makan-makan aja :)) Wakakakaka….

  2. @okta: hehe… kabar2in gimana rasanya ya 😀

    @ahmad: walah, serem banget. syukurnya gw blom pernah sampe begitu sih 😛

    @chen: emang ada makan2nya chen? 😀

    @nav: Thanx (^_^)

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