Aug 2007

Power of Eyes

Power of EyesHave you ever been in a condition when you’re in the middle of something somewhere, an undescribeable instinct tells you that someone is watching you. Well, of course they’re not always real, but I’m sure there are times when it is. Times when you accidentally have eye contact to that someone. This is what I discover as the Power of Eyes.

You might like to have a little test. Indeed, I suggest you to have one. Try this, go to a restaurant and start staring at some people for a few minutes. If you’re lucky, you’ll have at least 3 of 5 person noticing you. Why? Once again, it’s the Power of Eyes. But what if you failed? try it again in a police station, you’ll get lucky for sure 😀

Well, this is just a little demonstration of using the power of our eyes. And there are other things I’ve learned through live experience. Right now I would like to share one of them:

More Eye Contact for More Chance of Good Relationship

We should make eye contacts as often as possible to as many people around us. There are 2 advantages we would receive at the same time, we’ll have better awareness to people around us, and so will they to us. How’s that? Because we’re used to focus visually. When we want to have more focus on something, we would have a deeper look on it. And what do we do if we want to focus on something unseen? We’ll close our eyes. I believe that eyes have great role on our focus. That’s just basic instinct 😛

By having more awareness of others, we’ll learn more things about them. We might even notice new things that we’ve missed all this time. It’s always a good thing to know more about people around us. It’s one of the basic things we need to build a good relationship. And by having more awareness toward us, we’ll have a notice feedback. We would have more and more people noticing our existence. This will open more chance for more relationships.

Have you ever heard the story about Jerry? He had good relationship with most of the office boys in his office. One day, Jerry’s boss needed to decide someone to be promoted as his assistant. He had 3 candidates from his team, and luckily Jerry is one of them. The problem was, he couldn’t decide whom to choose, yet. For the boss, all the 3 candidates were fully qualified. But suddenly, in a light chit chat with Rick, one of the office boy, the boss learned how Jerry had good influenced on them. Thus, he made up his mind and Jerry was the chosen one.

Jerry might never noticed how Rick had helped him got his promotion. Even Rick might never noticed how he had influenced the Boss. But that won’t change the fact that Rick did have a great role in Jerry’s promotion.

Anyway, eye contact is ONLY an opening step. It could open the chance for more relationships, but building the relationship is another thing. So I guess I’ll share about building the relationship in another post 😛 hehehe…

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  1. Agree with u. Eye contact berarti kita percaya diri, tertarik dengan lawan bicara kita, fokus & ‘terlihat’ menguasai keadaan 😀

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