Dolar Roll

  1. Asking others’

    It’s not polite to ask one’s sallary. Especially when we’re not close enough to do so. Beside, knowing other people’s income is not as cool as we might think. Are you sure you’re ready to hear the answer?

  2. Telling yours

    So what if someone ask you the question? It’s your right to choose to classify or share the number. But be aware, not everyone could feel the same way you do about the number (if you know what I mean)

  3. Knowing others’

    It’s not a mistake if we finally find out one’s sallary. But what comes next is what we should really treat very carefully. I personally believe that the key to handle this is motivation! When you find out others make more than you, motivate your self! When you find out you make more than others, motivate them!

  4. Adjusting sallary to others

    OK, you now know other’s sallary. Then what? Don’t ask for a raise so you could earn as much as others do. You’ll end up having stupid silence between you n your boss πŸ˜› They earn what they earn because they deserve it. If you’re so sure you deserve it, too, prove it!

  1. Adjusting sallary to your expenses

    Don’t go to your boss and ask for a raise because your expenses for the last few months had gone beyond your sallary. There comes the stupid silence again. Adjust your expenses to your sallary! It doesn’t work the other way around

Money and Chart

  1. Save what you have left at the end of the month

    No, please, don’t try this. If you’re seriuos about saving, do it at the beginning of the month. Seperate your saving account and your monthly expenses, and save the money as soon as you receive it.

  2. Super Tight Budgeting

    It’s good to save, it’s good to plan it well, but don’t forget to enjoy what you’ve earned. Spend it some on your favorite things, or even with friends and families (but make sure it’s affordable πŸ˜› )

Well, I guess that is all I could think of for now. Actually, some last points are kinda maksa πŸ˜› hehe

One thought on “7 Most Common Mistakes about Sallary

  1. DonÒ€ℒt go to your boss and ask for a raise because your expenses for the last few months had gone beyond your sallary

    Haha.. yeah.. Instead of doing so, we better describe the benefits that we have gave to the company πŸ™‚

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