Oct 2007

Live Report

WoW..!!! Udah lama banget gak ngeblog lagi. And finally, my 1st post live from Bali. It has almost been 3 weeks since I first land my soul on this lovely island.

The last time was 15 years ago. I had my 3rd to 5th year of elementry school here, that’s 3 years. And now, having returned here, I find out that most of the things have changed. Took some time to bring back those memories. Then I visited the house I used to live in, it looks horrible. My uncle said that no one else live in it since we left.

kocu at office The new office is awesome! We rent a nice villa in a quite area, less than 10KM (15 minutes) from Denpasar. Less traffic, less pollution, less stress but more dogs!! 😆 Yap! There are so many dogs here in Bali, you might find at least 2 dogs in almost every street. And that exclude the special breed dogs which usually kept inside of the house.

1st impression, I like being here, and I’m quite sure ri will love it here, too. She loves beach very much, and Bali is a beach paradise.

I guess that’ll be all for now. Sahat Tambunan reporting live from Bali, see ya!

One thought on “Live Report

  1. wahhhh sekarang pindah ke bali ya…Selamat ya!!!
    Belum borong keluarga kesana?? Tapi yakin dehhhh istri pasti bakal sukaaa..
    Bali itu tenang bangetttt…damai, indahhh pokoknya segala yang jauh dari stress lahhh
    mau dong foto2 disana di perbanyak..liat suasana dekat rumah dan kantor mu 🙂

  2. chenz:

    holoh… apa yg mo di sirikin coba 😐

    wehehe… lagi pengen dijadiin istri dulu nih secepetnya biar bisa diborong ke sini (^_^) tapi bener banget.. compare to jakarta… bali seperti di atas bumi ada bumi 😐

  3. Ru San….. ogengki…
    pasti.. pasti… pasti suka…
    apalagi klo banyak dogienya…
    deket pantai lagi…
    ipong pun bs jd ratu sejagat…
    ipong,arwen,giant=salam guk guk

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