Jan 2008

2nd Coming

Finally, my 2nd coming to jakarta after working in bali. It’s a lot lot more busy than the 1st time. And we’re getting closer and closer to our D day. Not to mention the list of tasks I must accomplish for the office. Tiring but fun. It consumes and produces energy at the same time. Well, All our list is well prepared. Only need to make some small changes to fit in. Now, I’m ready. Well, I think I am 😛

Come to think of it, it’s kinda biblical, isn’t it? My 2nd coming is to pick up my bride, and bring her with me to the “promised land”. What do you think? Maksa ya? 😛

Anyway, 2 steps has been passed. Marhusip and Martupol is considered well held. Still with some small parts that should have been done better. But hey! That’s what makes us human (^_^) So one last step left, Mangoli.


  • marhusip=proposal
  • martupol=engagement
  • mangoli=wedding

(^_^) mohon doanya supaya lancar2 semua dari acara sampe pindah2an ke bali. zah…

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