Echo Beach

Before we got married and moved to Bali me and uly made a vow, witnessed by ipong and recorded in a handy cam. The vow is this: after moving to Bali, we would have a day trip to a special place in bali at least once a month. Well, it’s time for us to begin the journey of our vow (–) 19th April 2008

Tanah Lot1st place we decided to visit is Tanah Lot, reachable in less than 30 minutes from my office. But… It took us 3 weeks to finally visit it 😀 Don’t ask why 😛 Anyway, since it isn’t far, we leaved house in mid day. We had lunch in a great place named Echo Beach, about 5 minutes from my office. It’s a restaurant with a fabulous beach view, great taste, unbelievable portion and commensurate price (you can also enjoy free WiFi internet here). It’s located in Canggu area. We had wonderful lunch, me having Mexican Fajitas Chicken, and Uly a Seafood Platter. Well, we took some pictures here, but too bad we only had the food recorded in the handy cam.

Then, Tanah Lot is the final destination. I didn’t really know the exact road to get there, but the signs led us there easily. Tanah lot, I’ve been here many years ago, a few times I think. But this is of course Uly’s first visit. Not much to recall from my memory about this place. But I do remember touching a (holy) snake inside a small cave here that time. Guess what, it’s still there. Too bad I can’t remember the face of the tamer 😛 . Well, Tanah Lot is actually temples located on rocky beach. I think it’s the combination of the beautiful view of nature and unique cultures of the locals that makes Tanah Lot a very interesting place to visit. We didn’t run widely around this place, just stick on a good spot and enjoy the moment. Ah, I almost forget, I can’t believe Uly accidentally met a friend from her hometown (sorowako, south sulawesi) here. She’s on a tour with her colleagues to Bali. What a coincidence, huh?

Tanah Lot

Sooooo… we enjoy our visit till the sun leaves, then ready to call it a day. Uly bought some sea shells on the way back to the parking lot. We went straight home with a little discussion what our next destination would be.

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