Me n BearWe’re having new puppies in the house (^_^) Ipong (one of our dog) gave birth to them last month. 3 cute ones, and all are girls.

Since we can’t keep them (we already have 3 dogs at home), we only gave a temporary name to each of them. The 1st one we named Sapi, because she looks a lot like a cow (^_^) Then Bear because she’s so white and look like a polar bear (^-^) and the last one we named Phantom because she’s all black.

My friend will adopt phantom, and my aunt is thinking to adopt one, too (though she still hasn’t made her final decision on which one she’d have). It’s hard to let go the puppies (.,) They’re already like part of the family. But as I said, we already have 3 dogs, and there’s no way we can keep another (unless we’re having a larger house with larger yard and larger income, hehe). But this means we still have 1 puppy needing a new home, anyone? (–,)

One thought on “New Puppies in the house!!

  1. yang ini ‘bear’? imut cute.dulu aku suka pelihara anjing, skrg so busy.
    salam kenal ya kocu, thx dah mampir 🙂

  2. @dian: hihi, 3 itu yang baru ekornya, kupingnya lebih banyak lho (^_^)

    @meiy: Bener! yang ini bear (^_^) salam kenal juga, terima kasih udah mampir balik

  3. hi hi ..
    lucu amat tuh doggie nya .. he222
    masak donk sambel tempe nya ..kalo doyan tempe pasti otre lah nih sambel . ha222

  4. @kagendra:
    maaf om (^_^) yg sapi jadi di ambil tanteku, tinggal si bear aja

    belum sempet dimasakin nih tempenya (..) hiks

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