When you sleep where do your fingers go?
What do your fingers know
What do your fingers show

When You Sleep ~ by. Cake

They say you need about 8 hours of sleep a day. I also read an article about a survey result showing that people who lives longer spend 6-7 hours a day for sleeping. Despite of the fact that everyone have some sleep everyday, I believe that sleeping remains a mystery for most people (at least it is for me 😛 ). Why do we have dreams? What’s the meaning of those dreams? What about sleepwalking? or ngompol (bedwetting)?

Hm… Discussing those matters would take a lifetime. Let’s just skip that. I have a very simple question today, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in your sleep? Me? Here is a list of answers I could get from myself:

  • Hit my wife
    (she woke me up and said that I just hit her. Strange, I can’t remember anything. Beside, I actually still refuse to believe that I did that)
  • Spit
    (yuck, I remember kinda blur that I also spit in my dream)
  • Sing
    (or more likely humming, I also remember I sang in my dream, my wife told me about this the morning after)

Well, that’s mine. What’s your weirdest thing? (^_^) dare to share?

One thought on “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever done in sleep?

  1. well, got to admit this,
    1. i used to talk (a lot) while sleeping (this makes me worries to spell up “the magic” and “secrets”. some one used to drain information while i sleep……….hummm thats really scare the F38k out of me
    2. i droll, not to much but enough to have a map of archipelago in my pillow.

    btw, jadi gembira nih kemaren maen ke “tempat lama” dan denger kabar kalo Uly juga sudah bersiap2 menunggu kehadiran anggota keluarga baru, selamat ya!

  2. another thing i drop and fell (a lot) from bed, so i actually hate to sleep in the open edge of bed
    i (un)intentionally move to “another one bed” while i sleep, kinda sleepwalking but in a short range, then in the morning someone beside me sleeping (naked)…..WAKSSSSSSSSSSS

  3. Hit my wife
    Astaga, ada dendam terpendam kah? hihihi 😀

    Tanpa sadar, aku bisa mbungkus tubuhku seperti cocon, sampe suami ‘gak kebagian selimut.

  4. @kagendra:
    – hihihi, kalo mo di interogasi tinggal dinina boboin ya (^_^)
    – hoooo, so that’s the “gubrak!” noice I used to hear at night 😀

    It’s not a real hit (^_^)

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