Oct 2008

Life (TV series)

Life TitleI’ve finished the complete 1st season of this TV series last week. Honestly, it sure is not the best of its kinds. But for some reason, I really like the main character played by Damian Lewis.

Charlie Crews was a by-the-book cop. He had a nice life, a beautiful wife and was living a decent life just looking forward for his pension. Well, that was until he was pinned off to a tripple murder. He was sentenced to life in a maximum security prison. Nobody believed in him, his friends forgot him and his wife divorced him. While in prison, he had almost all of the bones of his body broken and received hundreds of itches. Wait, you haven’t heard the best part yet, he did not commit those murders. It took 12 years until his lawyer reopen the case and prove him innosence with DNA evidence.

Now tell me, what do you think you’ld be after living 12 years in prison for a crime you never commit? Well, Charlie spent his times learning zen to keep all his senses well while living through “hell” and he came out becoming a zen philosopher. So shortly after his released, he received a disclosed number of settlement money and an assignment as a detective in LAPD. So this is where the story begin, this is where his Life is really begin.

It’s very interesting to see how he interact with others. His new boss, new partner, ex-wife, old friends, people who keep seeing him guilty, or maybe… even the real killer (^_^) Anyway, this series would be a good company of one of your long weekend.

One thought on “Life (TV series)

  1. Wah, prison break aku ga terlalu ngikutin dari awal. Jadi kurang tahu juga gmn perbandingannya (^^)

    Tapi sekilas kayanya tema “Life” lebih ringan dan santai untuk di ikuti. Ini bisa jadi nilai lebih sekaligus nilai kurang, tergantung kita (–)

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