Phew, It has been a few tiring weeks. Our office has just moved to a new villa, and me n my family have also just moved to a new house. The good things is, I sweat a lot. This sure is good since I haven’t been worked out for some times (^_^)

Thanks God, my mother and sisters were visiting us here during the move. It’s always good to have as many help as possible, especially my mother. She’s a very experienced mover 😛 And she can’t stand seeing unmanaged things. It will be well managed just in a blink of an eye 😀 So with my wife being in her late pregnancy, having my mom to help with the move is just perfect. Thanx mom.

Anyway, I felt that we were not officially move until a few days ago, when all of my racks of comics was finally moved to our new home (^_^)

We will upload some photos of our old and new house. Check out my wife’s gallery later for the photos.

One thought on “New Office ~ New House

  1. Halo Kocu, tengs dah mampir..
    salam kenal ya.. 🙂
    Wah pindah dari Jkt ke Bali ya? Congrats for moving to new house, smoga rezeki tambah lancar..

    You have pretty wife, she looks so nice in pregnancy even.. Send my rgrd to her and the baby as well. ^^)v

  2. hehhe mother ama sisters mah bukan berkunjung namanya,tapi bantuin pindahan 😀

    kapan2x picsnya dipajang ya…

  3. wadoh.. lu ngomong apaan sih??
    gw gak mudeng nih. mana translate gw lagi rusak pula hehehehe..

    btw.. horas..!!
    senangnya menemukan sodara sesuku hihihi..

  4. sakuralady:
    Halo, thanks jg dah mampir balik 🙂 pindah dari jakarta sih udah agak lama, ini baru pindah rumah lagi. Thanks ya ~

    hehe, sebenernya sih udah agak2 direncanain juga biar bisa pas waktunya 😛 nanti foto akan di upload ke gallery istriku, mampir juga liat2 ya 🙂

    horas juga!! trims udah mampir ya (^_^)

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