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At last! We finally had another Bali Tour after almost 1 year since our last one (^_^) If you curious about our previous tours, do check our 1st Bali Tour to Tanah Lot and 2nd Bali Tour to Uluwatu. So as the title suggest, this is our 3rd tour of Bali and this time we went to Kebun Raya Bedugul (KRB).

Photos at KRB 1KRB is a botanical garden located in Bedugul. It’s not actually the real name, but some people just call it that way because it’s located in Bedugul. Its real name is Kebun Raya Eka Karya. Honestly, before we went there, I didn’t really know what to expect from a botanical garden. I’ve never been on one before. So, I wasn’t sure how fun this trip would be. We started the tour a bit late in the afternoon. I think we leaved the house around 1 O’clock. There’s also something different with this tour. If there’s just me n my wife in our previous tours, this time there are 5 of us! No, no, we’re not having triplets 😛 hehehe… It’s me, uly, lex, uly’s mom and uly’s brother.

Bedugul is about 2 hours of driving from our home. Quite far, but we did enjoy the trip. Driving through green areas is always a good refreshing for the eyes. Plus the weather was clear during the trip. We arrived there around 3 O’clock. Unfortunately, rain fall exactly on our arrival. It was just a light one, but we didn’t want to put Lex on any risk. So we drive around slowly hoping the rain would stop any minute, and thank God it does 🙂

A bit information about KRB, it’s a huge area full with many kind of trees and flowers. And when I said huge, I really mean HUGE! They cluster the plants based on their family. Don’t ask me about it, I’m not really proud with my results in biologic class 😀 We visited two of the clusters, the cactus and the orchid family. We were totally amazed with everything we saw in there, very very beautiful. I never thought I could be so delightful being around so many plants.

Photos at KRB 2

Anyway, there are just so many spots you can stop by and check inside that I don’t think one visit to KRB would be enough. And if I were to go back there again, I would go earlier, bring lunchboxes from home and have a wonderful picnic. Plus… a long pray a night before for a clear weather 😀 They also have tree games (or what they call Tree Top Adventure Park) where you can have lots of fun and challenging games with trees 😛 We didn’t try it out, though. Perhaps later when lex is ready for some adventures 😉

One thought on “Bali Tour 3, Kebun Raya Bedugul

  1. org2 males kali yah comment page ini, gara2 udah gw comment duluan, he.he.he.. 😀

  2. Mas, this is different side of Bali. Biasanya org2 pada posting soal pantai, tapi yg ini beda. Nice place 🙂

  3. roan: gubrak! kayanya yang bener lu udah jadi salah satu pengunjung setia blog gw yg aneh roan 😆

    Jiewa: Iya jie, sebenernya banyak banget objek wisata di Bali selain pantai. Ntar mau gw jelajahin satu2 😛

  4. wah, asiknya liburan bareng keluarga..
    ih, kok gak ngajak2 sih (loh??) hehehe..
    tapi bisa jadi referensi nih coz waktu di bali aku blm pernah ke KRB

    salam buat Lex yaa.. 🙂

  5. nanzzzcy: kapan2 kalo ke bali sempetin dah mampir ke sini, dijamin ga rugi (^_^)

    andi_ic4nk: trims kunjungannya 🙂 sering2 mampir ya

  6. it’s been a very long time not to go to Bali. Terakhir saya kesana tahun 2001..
    tapi kemungkinan Agustus saya ksana lagi… hiks… pengen banget mengunjungi pulau itu 🙂

    btw salam kenal dari jakarta 🙂

  7. roan kasep Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    July 2nd, 2009 at 9:03 pm

    Kisah 1000 CIUMAN


    hahhahhahahhahhaaaaaa… =))

  8. fajar: Ayo jalan2 lagi ke Bali (^_^) kalo saya malah lagi pengen ke Jakarta lagi buat nonton transformers 😛 hehehe… I wish…

    roan: hahahaha… kasian deh lu… lagien iseng amet sih 😛 hehe

  9. sorry bang.. iseng just kidding ga ada niat jahat.. cuma cari hiburan di blog abang, huahaahahhahahaahhaa.. =)) 😛

  10. hahaha 😆 dasar lu, emangnya blog gw kaya taman hiburan ya? 😛 hehe. Bilang aja kalo lu lagi kangen ma gw kan? 😀

  11. Oww..that was awesome dude..
    tour with lovely wife, lovely lex and fam..that sound really fun..

    heh?? almost 1 year only 3 times go around Bali?? ohh that’s really….wakaka..

    Anyway good post

  12. hehehe, sering jg sih jalan2, tapi yg bisa dianggap tour beneran ya baru 3 kali itu 😛 lagian ga mau buru2 bro, ntar kalau langsung di borong semua jadi kehabisan tempat baru buat tour 😛

  13. oy rik, yg keren blognya apa gwnya nih? 😀 Kalo feeling gw sih mengatakan maksud lu itu ya dua2nya 😛 hehehe

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