I thought being trapped in a dream only happens in movies,
but believe it or not here is my story…

Big House SpiderOne early morning sometime in 2010, I was still sleeping when I heard my wife screaming outside our room. I woke up by instinct and ran out to check out what had happened. She looked so shock and was staring to a corner of the family room. I quickly realize that there stood the only animal she can’t stand, a big spider. To be honest, I’m not a spider person myself. Spiderman is cool, but big spider… ugh… no, thank you. But she looked at me desparately, and I just knew what she wanted me to do just by looking at her eyes. Ugh… okay, I don’t think I have another choice.

So, I did what I had to do. I finished my job and headed back to bed. I could have at least another hour before preparing myself for work. So back to sleep I went… zzzZZzzZZZ… Doh, I think it’s kinda spooky. I dreamt about spiders, lots of spiders, big ones and they’re not friendly at all 😐 I woke up, but guess what, I wasn’t really awaked, I was dreaming of waking up and those spiders just won’t give it up. It took me about 20 minutes before I finally back to reality.

Phew, that might be one of the most spooky moment of my life. Trapped in a dream for 20 minutes with lots of very unfriendly big spiders. Well, perhaps I did deserve it (T_T)

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