Jan 2008

Ga Jadi Pulang

Udah jam 8 malem nih, udah niat banget pulang dari kantor. Tapi tiba2 suara ujan di luar menghentikan proses beres2 meja. Yap! Akhirnya duduk lagi, bengong di depan laptop. Masa lanjutin kerja lagi? gak deh, semua aplikasi buat kerja udah di tutup abis. Ngapain ya? Tinggal Firefox ama YM yang masih kebuka nih, hm… ngelirik […]

I’ve just updated my template with some minor changes. here they are: notice my new header? fix some of the template bug. update content background to white round corner box with drow shadow effect (fix a template bug) move pages link from sidebar to header move search box from sidebar to header add function to […]

Have you ever noticed about movie rating? In Indonesia, people never really concern about this. No one will confirm your age when buying a movie ticket. I’m not sure whether they even aware of movie rating. But that’s not what I like to share anyway. A blogger friend share this tool with me and I […]

I’ve shared about 2 wordpress plugins I use to support photo blogging before. Well, here’s the update, after using Lightbox for some time, I found it really thirst of resource, and was causing heavy load on my blog. I was truly amazed by its work, but I can’t tolerate the load any longer. So I […]


Jun 2007

Photo Blog

a picture is worth a thousand words Yes, I’m fully agree to this proverb. And that’s why, starting from now on, I’ll use this blog for my photo blog as well. No, I’m not a photographer, and I’m not planning to be one, either. I don’t even have any digicam (yet). All I have is […]

Well, did anyone notice some changes in my blog? I’ve added some ads to it. They’re google’s. So, what about these ads? I just wannna share my blogwalking experience a few days ago. It seems to me that many bloggers all around the world is monetizing their blog. Some even make it as their professions. […]

Sebenernya sudah beberapa lama ini terpikir, bilingual blogging itu salah gak ya? Kata itu sendiri sih rasanya kurang tepat, karena bilingual itu artinya bisa berbicara dalam dua bahasa. Berarti bilingual blogging ialah nge-blog dalam dua bahasa (harusnya semua post dapat dilihat dalam dua bahasa). Beda ama gw yang bilingual blogging-nya itu ya kadang-kadang bahasa indonesia, […]

WordPress 2.2 di release beberapa minggu yang lalu. Dapet kabarnya sih dari blognya okta. Blom langsung kepikir sih untuk upgrade, tapi akhirnya hari ini kesampean juga. Pengen sharing sedikit aja nih step-step update nya. Oh iya, sebelumnya sekedar info, gw upgrade dari WordPress 2.1.0; Berikut langkah2 upgrade yg gw lakukan sesuai petunjuk wordpress:

Chenz post a link in his blog today. Its title is 10 attributes of really lazy people. I wonder if you have any of them. Curious? just check the link on his blog   …and btw, I’ve just update my about page (changed it to about me) and also added the Indonesian Version of it […]