May 2007

Spiderman 3

I’m not actually a great fan of spiderman, especially the comic books. But the wide screen version has really caught my heart. Since the first of the series released in 2002, it has really brought such a great movie experience. The 2nd came in 2004, bringing even a better experience. And Spiderman 3, which they […]


Apr 2007

2 in 1 (TMNT)

I watched 2 movies a few days ago. Since I watched them in the same day, I guess I’ll share them in the same post, too (^_^) We were going to watch bean at 19:30, but only the front seats are available. Watching from front seats is a pain it the a** :p being too […]


Mar 2007

the spartans

I watched this movie last week – “300” – It’s about the brave warriors of Spartans against the great force of Persians. From my own point of view, the main idea of the movie is to acknowledge the Spartans. But it’s not the movie I like to share, It’s what I’ve learned from it. The […]